The Masi Logo

Nicknamed "The Tailor" for his remarkable ability to custom fit cycles to any size and type of rider, Faliero Masi built custom frames and became famous for his perfection in his Milan workshop beneath the Vigoreli Velodrome. By the 1950's Masi Bicycles had become the standard which all other bikes tried to imitate.

In 1972, Faliero brought the Masi style and tradition to the United States, but what truly sealed the deal and created a permanent legend of the brand was the appearance of the Masi brand cycle in the 1979 Academy Award-winning cycling movie "Breaking Away". The Ferrari red 1978 Grand Criterium that Dave Stoller rode became an instant Hollywood legend.

If your dream happens be to own a world-class bicycle with an iconic brand, steeped in cycling history, look no further. A Masi may be just right for you!



Haro Logo

Bob Haro, owner and a rider with a dream, founded his brand as a small business over 35 years ago, and has grown it into an international, industry leading bike company. The company's founder is also fondly known as the "Father of BMX".

Haro Bicycles are legendary in the BMX world. Company engineers have studied, observed, developed, tested, and applied new technology and science over the last 25 years, to bring riders everywhere the most durable, dependable and rockin' mountain bikes in the world. 

Haro Bikes are anything but common. We believe that they are tough, well designed, and an exceptional value for your money. You will find the Haro brand gracing our showroom floor here at Colorado Springs Bike Shop, as they have for over 25 years.

The echoes of praise from countless Haro owners' testimonials are numerous and confident, and we believe this one sums it up the best:

"The Haro you sold me is one tough bike. I never need to do anything to it and I ride a lot. You might even say I ride so hard as to challenge it to fail, but it won't. The price was right on too. Thanks for a great bike!" -Patrick W.



If this line of bikes doesn't take you back to another era, nothing will. Electra offers a fantastic lineup of Beach Cruisers that gives your ride the nostalgic look you may remember from childhood, with the far more sophisticated, and modern technologies available today. Check out Electra, there is nothing else like 'em!


Del Sol

Del Sol Bike

Made by Haro and guaranteed to be made with quality, Del Sol comfort bikes are considered the Cadillac of bicycles. These bicycles are perfect for riders looking just to cruise in ultimate comfort and  style. Del Sol also offers a beautiful line up of beach cruisers that are definitely worth checking out!


Easy Motion Electric Bikes

Easy Motion Electric Bike: Evo Wave

Say hello to our award-winning electric bikes that are fun, comfortable, and easy to ride.
These stylish electric bikes don't look like electric bikes at all, and showcase the following awesome features:
EVO Series
Pedal assist and power on demand.
4 levels of assist: Economy- Standard-Sport-and Boost. Plus a throttle!
20 mph top speed and up to 60 mi range
Powerful 500 watt planetary gear rear motor. 48 volt Samsung Lithium Ion Battery.
Charge Battery on or off bike. Can be charged to 80% in 1.5 hours.



KHS Logo

KHS Six Fifty 3500


The Used Corner

A lot of people come into our bike shop and never make the trip upstairs to view the offerings on our second level. Many do not even know we have a second level. Known to even fewer is our secret "Used Corner", located in the south east corner of our upper level. Here you can find a wide range of good used bicycle parts and accessories. Search through used tires, forks, stems, wheels, seats and handle bars. Higher quality used bikes and bicycle shipping cartons can be found here as well. All the merchandise here is a fraction of the cost of new, and it's all been inspected and is guaranteed. The next time you are in the store be sure to check out the "Used Corner" -you never know what you might find!

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