Repair and Tune-ups for Your Bike

The Repair Shop

Having an issue with your ride? Our repair shop mechanics will work on anything with wheels and a handlebar, from the department store brand to the high-dollar electric brand. Over 40 years  of continuous service have provided us the opportunity to see and repair all of your bicycle breakdowns, and provide you with quality service and products.


The really cool Bike Repair Shop
The Bike Repair Shop


Minor repairs and flats can usually be done on the spot. Tune-ups and other work may take a little longer, but we will work within your schedule when possible. For same day repairs, please call ahead and set an appointment 719-634-4915.

Our goals are to do it right the first time, to have it done on time, and to do it at a fair price. All our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. We will pedal the extra mile for you!


Our famous Bike Tune-up

At Colorado Springs Bike Shop, we take bike repair seriously. Your safety and enjoyment on your bike is very important to us. We believe our Tune-up is the best in the business and a great value, and so do our customers. They travel from all over the region to get their bikes tuned here, and return year after year.

Our bicycle tune-up is an essential service and should be performed at least once a year to keep your bike running smoothly, twice a year if you ride every day or log lots of miles. Over 50 checks and adjustments will be performed to your bike during our tune-up to ensure it rides and looks like new again. That sure sounds like lot of serious business but trust us it is so much fun for us.

Ave cleaning bikes
Be it Repair or a regular Tune-up, we do it all in style

Please read on for a few of the highlights:

  • First your bike will be gently scrubbed clean in our special indoor bicycle wash bay.
  • Next a polish and protectant will be applied to the frame and parts, leaving your bike gleaming and polished. This alone, many say is worth the cost of the tune-up, but we don’t stop there.
  • Once through the cleaning process, our mechanics will then get to work skillfully on all the adjustments and checks. The wheels will be trued straight as an arrow and all the spokes will be put into proper tension.
Pure skills at work
  • The gear system will be precision tuned for crisp and quiet shifting.
  • Your brakes will be set for firm, positive stops.
  • The bearings of the bike will be set for proper adjustment to ensure no slop or undue resistance, and the chain and cables will be oiled with premium lubricants for silky smooth operation.

Lastly, your bike will be given a thorough test ride to insure that all is running right, and a detailed tune-up report will be provided to you, so you will know exactly what was done to your bike and what may need to be done in the future.

As always, all our work is completely guaranteed. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Wheel Truing

The world is round and so too should be your bicycle's wheel. That is, in order for you to go around those beautiful places you so much want to go! In most cases your wheels can be saved and put back in service by a process called truing.
Don't get rid of that perfectly good wheel! Let us take a look at your bent wheel and see if it can be repaired. This could help you save money and the cost of replacing a new wheel.

A wheel up for truing

 A wheel up for truing