Innovations Superflate Mounting Clip Bicycle Pump Clip

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INNOVATIONS Superflate Mounting Clip

Lightweight - Secure Frame Mount for Superflate Pump - Mounts to Water Bottle Brazens or w/ provided Cable Ties or Adhesive Tape (New & Factory Sealed)

INNOVATIONS SUPERFLATE MOUNTING CLIP: An optional mounting clip for the Superflate, allows you to mount it in place of a water bottle cage using frame braze-on cage fittings. The mounting clip is made of Black molded plastic and grips the Superflate though a recess in the bottom of the lower section and has two locking arms which grip the top section around two custom recesses for the clip, holding it securely. The clip has contoured back to fit the radius of the frame tube. Using the clip this way, prohibits using the braze-on set for cage mounting purposes, but two zip ties are included so you can strap the clip to any location on the down, top, or seat tube. The clip weighs 10 grams, while the 8 inch long un-cut zip ties weigh just 1 gram.


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