Peddler's Bazaar - Vintage, Classic and Antique Bike Parts

The Peddler’s Bazaar is a curious mix of everything cycling and then some. Vintage, classic and antique bike parts, as well as the old and the odd can be found in this unique marketplace inside the Colorado Springs Bike Shop.

Peddler's bazaar
Jaw-dropping and unique collection on display

Browse and buy cycling art, posters, old books, vintage tools, bike parts, bike model replicas, and shop signage and equipment. Score one of a kind gift items and find a variety of puzzling and truly unusual goods!

Come discover the fun things you won’t find in any other bike shop and be sure to stop by often because the inventory is always changing. You never know what you might find up on this deck. The Peddler's Bazaar is located upstairs, on the Upper Deck (the second level for ye non-Pirate folk).